Scuderia Ferraro is a personal project that I did for our wedding, I had lots of fun although I do not recommend having your in-laws as clients, it may harm the relationship even before it begins! I took inspiration by the mosaics and decorations of the location, a XVII century villa overlooking the town of Santa Margherita Ligure on the italian riviera. The style, the colors and the patterns all hint at this marvellous place. Everything, from the menus to the table cards and tableau to be in tune with the surroundings, I wanted to make sure that nothing felt out of place, the look and feel of the identity should belong to the where it was used and displayed.

Instead of naming the tables I crearted an icon set, each table had it's own table card displaying one of these artworks. Some of the icons were ony used on the newsletter that was sent a few days before the wedding and on the website.

This is a little gif used in the newsletter that teases part of the menu and cocktails list.

A week before the wedding I started a countdown uploading one of these cards every day on our social media pages and sharing them with the invitees.

After the wedding was repurposed as our honeymoon website where our friends could follow our trip and stay up to date through our embedded twitter feed.