I started with DIY zines and visual installations for live events, coffee table books for high-end fashion brands, installations for shops and exhibitions, and carried on to designing web and mobile experiences. Digital products are the design output through which I can leverage all the skills that I’ve learned and honed in the past ten years working in the field: interface and interaction design, brand and visual identity, animation and prototyping all come together in the way I approach projects and complex problems. Finding creative and unexpected ways to use the technologies I have at my disposal has always been pivotal to my approach. I embrace the constant evolution of the problems and solutions that we as designers face on a daily basis.

Master Degree in Visual and multi-media communication Design
IUAV, Italy

Bachelor Degree in Design
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Senior Designer
StaffHub (Microsoft Teams)
Microsoft, Mountain View USA

StaffHub is a Microsoft experiment for first-line workers schedule and task management, I joined the team to improve and evolve the communication capabilities of the product. We looked at adopting Microsoft Teams communication infrastructure to power StaffHub instead of developing a custom layer and it soon became evident that SH product proposition resonated well with MS Teams mission to empower all types of teams with end to end collaboration tools. In March 2018 SH was officially integrated into Teams. My job became to implement the existing SH mobile app into MS Teams mobile modules. I started looking at the information architectures of the two products, at the constructs of tenants, teams, groups, and channels and at how we could align these in a way that made sense to SH and Teams users. Once this phase was completed I built a roadmap to converge the two products, evolve Teams design system to cater for first line worker needs and expand the features leveraging Teams conversational platform. We have now successfully completed the convergence phase and we are at the first stage of evolving Teams design system with new elements and components that will serve first line workers as well as other verticals. Teams Shifts app was presented at Ignite in September 2018 and will launch in January 2019 in time for NRF (National Retail Federation).

04/2015 - 09/2017
Visual Designer
Skype (Microsoft)- Palo Alto, USA

I relocated from the London office to the Palo Alto office to work on the visual identity and personality of Skype signature experiences. Having worked on the UI and UX design of a wide range of clients (Windows Phone, Android, Xbox and desktop) provided me with a unique insight in the day to day problems that our team faces when they have to convey the brand value through the experiences within our products. I worked on envisioning projects for the next generation client, on the Android client and lead the UI and UX design for emerging markets.


08/2013 - 03/2015
Visual Designer
Skype (Microsoft) - London, UK

I joined Skype as designer working on the visual and experience design for the Windows phone and Android mobile client. I had a brief stint on Xbox One Skype client working on the snap mode experience leveraging the potential of the platform and it’s peripherals. Alongside my day to day job maintaining and improving the existing clients I’ve always been forcused on how we could improve the product and the brand by working on some aspects of the visual language that could have a positive impact on the look & feel and on the usability of the products we make. I’ve been involved in the //oneweek hackathon in London creating a visual system for the World of Workcraft project, the project won the Showcasa price in the London office.


12/2012 - 07/2013
UI Designer
MOO.com - London, UK

I worked in Creative team focusing on the digital products as UI Designer. I looked after the main website (moo.com) design canvas and Flavors.com, the social media aggregator acquired by MOO for which I redesigned the main webpages and set up the framework to create a mobile design canvas for the platform. I’ve also worked on a cross-department project that I’ve been involved in: the MOO Shop at Boxpark in Shoreditch. I defined the main concept for the space that revolves around the idea of bringing our website to live in the real world using the analog/mechanical language creating a brick&mortar store in which the customers/users can interact with our website in a fun and engaging way while getting to know MOO’s amazing products and brand.


11/2010 - 11/2012
Lead creative
FabriQate - London, UK

I joined the company as a UI/UX graphic designer using my experience in print and web design on what were the early days of mobile user experience design, I naturally moved to a Producer role enjoying being involved in the creative process from the early stages of a project throughout the development phase that lead to the publishing and marketing of the web or mobile app. I design the user interface, the user experience and overseen all the production stages of apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Meego platforms.

  • Gratyfi.me branding design and creative production of the web and iOS app
  • UX Design and creative production of BAFTA Albert Carbon Footprint calculator iOS app
  • Creative production and design direction Luxury London iOS app
  • Design and creative production of NatGeo Channel Symbian and MeeGo App
  • Design and creative production of Livestation Symbian, MeeGo and Windows Phone App
  • Production and creative production of Netlog Symbian^3 and s60 app
  • UX Design and creative production Sony Music-Tencent Talent Discovery Android App
  • Design and production Yala Symbian and MeeGo app



09/2008 - 06/2010
Graphic designer
Studio da Pozzo - Milan, Italy

I worked for this graphic design studio designing and producing a series of projects for high end fashion clients and public organizations such as Moncler, Marina Yachting, Tod’s, Fabiana Filippi, Uman, Bagutta, Santambrogio Milano and Comune di Milano. My roles involved the creation of advertising campaigns, the production of all the communication materials (posters, magazine ads, lookbook project and production, printed and web invitations etc...) to the creation and produtction of the corporate identities and the creative direction of limited edition publications. In this period I increased my knowledge of experimental and high level printing techniques. I trained and supervised junior designers as well.

  • Design and production of Moncler Aspen boutique opening invites, Autumn Winter and Spring/Summer Lookbooks, Toy Event Miami and Hong Kong, Gamme Blue branding, Pharrell Williams special line presentation invite, Moncler Grenoble New York launch invite
  • Graphic Layout and production of Tod’s Italian Touch book published by Skira
  • Design and production of the corporate Identity for Fabiana Filippi
  • Creative direction, design and production of Nordlys project by Renato Da Pozzo



Independent graphic magazine
Milan, Italy

I created this self-produced and self-distribute magazine wih Filippo Anglano and Luca Bogoni. We started it as a way of expressing our need to design outstanding graphics to fulfil our need to create. The project evolved and in just four issues it was internationally distributed and it featured more than thirty graphic designers, artists and photographer from all over the world.

  • Created, designed and directed the production of four issues of the magazine
  • Designed and published the website and wiki (www.zarevue.org)
  • Presented the magazine at the Italian Graphic Design Festival in Venice and at the Symposium in Luxemburg (featured in the event’s book: We Love Magazines)



2002 - present
Graphic design freelance

I have always ensured I have some time to experiment on various aspects of creativity, I tried to do this by linking my profession with my passions this is how I got to create the visual identity of music labels and bands, designing the artwork for albums, posters, flyers, websites, visual live sets and music videos and branding for mobile apps. 

  • Designed the branding and UX for the mobile app Joynr
  • Designed and developed Uli Weber’s website.
  • Designed posters and flyers for Rock i.D. and Invasian Krew Killah two side projects of Asian Dub Foundation’s MC and drummer
  • Designed the posters and flyers, ablum artwork, music video and video live set for the band Bigammadre

and exhibitions

  • 10/2004 - “Abitare” (number 443 pages 171-172) by Massimo Pitis The 20 best young design projects 2004
  • 12/2006 - “Pregetto Grafico” (number 9, pages 1110-1111) by Carlotta Latessa
  • 10/2007 - AIAP Community Selection - Za!Revue included in the 50 best design projects of the year
  • 06/2007 - Autonomatica at Bazzini 15, Milan - Exhibition of the first three numbers of Za!Revue
  • 04/2008 - Analog VS Digital at Spazio Sottovuoto Exhibition curated by Za!Revue and Recipient.cc
  • 08/2014 - //oneweek Hackathon showcase winner Created the visual system for an online work gamification app